Terrorist attack in Brussels targeting americans

bruxelles 1Brussels is under a coordinated terrorist attack and the Zaventenm airport has been evacuated following two powerful explosions that took the life of 26 people. According to the news agencies the terrorist attack in Brusseles seems to be a retaliation planned by the ISIS terrorist organization, following the capture of Salah Abdeslam, the mastermind behind the Paris attacks.

The airport blast occurred before the security check near the American Airlines counter. The Belga agency reported that there were heard shouting in Arabic and gunfire before the explosion.

The terrorist attack in Brussels was clearly coordinate because following the explosions from the Zaventenm airport, at least two metro stations were targeted. The Maelbeek and Schuman station near the headquarters of major European institutions (European Commission, European Council) were targeted by suicide bombers. The underground explosions occurred after the double blast from Brussels airport. After the explosion, all subway stations were closed and people were being evacuated, including the wounded as you can see from the pictures below.


The media reports, quoting unofficial sources, that the terrorist attack in Brussels resulted in 26 dead: 11 at the airport and 15 at the Metro. These numbers are expected to increase as new updates come from Brusseles.

The Belgian prosecutor’s office announced that the explosions at the airport were caused by suicide bombers.

The terrorist attack in Brussels began shortly before 8:00 AM with the explosions from the Zaventenm airport. Witnesses say several people were injured in the Departures area, opposite to the Sheraton hotel, RTBF.be reports.

blast locationThe explosion at the Maelbeek metro station occurred at around 10.00 AM.

Many are now speculating and linking the explosions to the arrest of Salah Abdeslam, involved in terrorist attacks in Paris. Belgian authorities are now on the trail of other suspects.

The airport is closed and the same goes for all metro stations. The terrorist attack in Brussels caused a mass panic and there is now chaos in the Belgian capital. The Belgian authorities advised locals to avoid traveling and stay indoors.

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All Eurostar trains that make the connection between London and Brussels were canceled.

All flights that were scheduled to land on the Zaventenm airport were redirected to Amsterdam.

The public transportation system is closed and several schools have been evacuated.

bruxelles4A man found in the subway during the explosion posted on Twitter the moments of panic experienced by travelers. “I heard a loud explosion as soon as we left the Schuman station, heading towards Maelbeek. The subway stopped suddenly and we were evacuated. There was a lot of smoke and people were trying to follow the tracks.” says Evan Lamos.

twitter testimony

There is also a first image of the airport explosion that emerged on Twitter:

There are a lot of imformation emerging online about the Terrorist attack in Brussels and here is how the inside of the airport looks right now:

We will update the article as we get more information.


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