So You Want to Keep Your Preps Secret

Many of us store preps for all kinds of different reasons, they can vary from religious to political.  But for most of us if we store preps we don’t want it advertised. So how do you keep your preps secret. This is always a big challenge.


Here are 12 suggestions on way to keep your preps secret:

  1. First keep your mouth shut, during my career in law enforcement; the majority of my cases were made because somebody talked to someone they trusted. I have seen brother turn on brother and parents on children.  Be very careful whom you trust.  The less people the better.
  2. Live in a cash world when it comes to prepping. Credit cards and checks can be traced.
  3. Remember that anything you order over the internet can be traced. Almost every company I know keeps a list of their customers and what they have ordered.  Who knows where this list will end up.
  4. Don’t get preps through the mail. The post office has been known to record the shipping and return addresses for law enforcement.
  5. Keep your preps out of sight. A friend of mine who is a handyman often sees signs of preps and storage when working on houses.  Find good hiding place and think before you let maintenance people into your home.
  6. Stay off internet prepping sites, including mine. You leave a record everywhere you go.
  7. If it is legal in your state, avoid registering weapons.
  8. Be careful where you get rid of your trash. Packaging from preps needs to thrown away without attracting attention.  Many people give away a lot to their neighbors when they put out their trash.
  9. Buy in small quantity, through local big box stores, pay cash and avoid attention.
  10. Watch what you say on the telephone. Remember the NSA is watching you.
  11. Don’t put all your eggs in one basket. Store or hide your preps in different locations.
  12. If you have already started to prep and have made some of these mistakes, spread the word that you were a fool and have changed your mind and have gotten rid of the junk.

How to gain complete energy independence

This is what you need to do if you are trying to keep your preps secret from the government. Hiding them from your neighbors is easier, just keep your mouth shut and keep your preps hidden. Particularly be careful when you are bringing them home if you have large amounts. Before someone says well what about you, when I made the decision to help others I knew that I would be exposed to the public to some degree.  But this was my decision.

By Howard

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