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What Would Your Role Be After The Apocalypse?

Improbable Preppers don’t necessarily believe the world is going to end in some huge apocalyptic event. We prep to be prepared when needed. But as prepared people, sometimes it’s fun to think “what if?!”

In the event of a zombie attack or nuclear holocaust, survivors will need to recreate society and community. They will need to rebuild not only structures, but procedures, laws, and more. What would you contribute to your new community? Would you add value? Would you be a liability? Below are some vital roles needed when rebuilding a community after the apocalypse (Common Threats You Will Encounter After Any Disaster).


There could be more than a single leader. There could be leaders of the areas mentioned below as well. A new community needs strong leadership. There still needs to be democracy within the community, but there needs to be an overall leader or leadership team.

Leaders need to be respected with good interpersonal skills. Leaders need to be strategic and logistical, but also need to be able to comprehend issues and threats and opportunities on the larger, community level.


An effective community will have established lines of authority. Advisors would work in tandem with Leadership. As mentioned previously, everyone should have a voice within the community, but there need to clear guidelines as to when it is appropriate.

Advisors work for the betterment and on behalf of the entire community. They share many of the skills as Leadership, but may be more ingrained within the community. Advisors create the structure of the community. Processes, procedures, laws, etc will be decided upon and implemented by Advisors and Leaders.


Recon is vital to existence in a post-apocalyptic world. A recon is very deliberate. They plan routes to and from their destinations. They scout for supplies and resources, and obtain and deliver found supplies and resources back to the community.

These members are observant, quick, and quiet. Assembling a solid recon team is essential to a new survival community.

alive-after-the-fallMedical Specialist

Everyone must know basic first aid, but having a person dedicated and medically trained is a huge advantage in a post-apocalyptic community.


Food will be an ongoing concern. The chef will need to evaluate current food reserves and help identify potential food sources. The chef doesn’t need to be classically trained, but should have a good understanding of edible plants and unconventional cooking techniques.

Outdoors man

Also could be considered a hunter/gatherer, but someone that is familiar with the outdoors and survival techniques. An outdoorsman specializes in hunting, fishing, trapping, camping, general survival, and knowledge of weapon use.

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Building and/or modifying structures for your community is another important need. A carpenter has the ability to keep walls, buildings, and other structures safe and in working order. The carpenter could have some woodworking and tool building skills that would come in handy throughout the community.

Agricultural Expert

The AG expert has extensive knowledge in horticulture and use of agricultural equipment. It is important to have a food source within community walls to minimize risk of needing to scavenger for food.


Safety is always top of mind. There should be a team dedicated to the safety and security of the community. This team needs a plan for every potential threatening situation – internal and external. The security team needs to be proficient in self-defense, hand-to-hand combat, weaponry, and tactical survival. This team will secure the perimeter of the community, and may accompany other teams or community members when trips outside the community walls are necessary,

There are other roles that could also be necessary, such as marksman, interpreter, guide, electrical engineer, biologist, marksman, explosives specialist, vehicle specialist/mechanic, communications specialist, etc. Watch this Video Guide>>

While the end of the world is probably not going to happen tomorrow, it’s still interesting to think of what role you could fill in your post-apocalyptic community. What are your survival skills? What are the roles I missed?

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