Massive and devastating escalation of War in Syria looms as Syrian Forces backed by Russia are poised to retake Aleppo: Saudi Arabia and Turkey prepare to deploy armies to Syria in response

This is an alert to all of my readers of a potentially imminent global crisis. We are not at the point of a full blown crisis yet, but I am telling everyone they need to not get, but, BE ready for things rapidly to turn very bad within 30-60 days.  I will be closely monitoring this situation and will provide updates as necessary.

syria warWhile most Americans are distracted by the Super Bowl and the disgusting Jerry Springeresque political theater we call an election process, the world is rapidly descending toward a major, devastating war that will ultimately involve more Americans than both Afghanistan and Iraq combined. Make no mistake, the situation developing in the Middle East is extremely grave and the US government has lost all control. I have warned repeatedly about ignoring the last off ramps to peace in the Middle East and what the result would be. Well, now another prediction has come to pass as Russian backed Syrian troops are poised to retake Aleppo from the murderous Islamic savages and Saudi Arabia and Turkey prepare to militarily join the fight.

One quick look at a map will demonstrate the strategic significance of Aleppo for rebels fighting in Syria. Most critical to the mix of rebel elements still holding Aleppo is that it provides access to key supply lines originating in Turkey. If Aleppo falls, the primary rebel supply line will be cut and the rebels will face a near imminent defeat. Saudi Arabia, Turkey, and Qatar are the primary backers of rebel forces in Syria and know this means their policy is about to collapse and Shia Iran will become the region’s hegemon. This also petrifies countries like Israel that have remained mostly quiet about the civil war even though they too are deeply involved. As a result, these countries are preparing to commit military forces to prevent Aleppo’s fall. As I have repeatedly warned, this will escalate the conflict significantly and rapidly. See:

Make no mistake; the US has been on the wrong side of this war. I welcome the advance of Russian backed Syrian forces smashing the rebel forces, which are primarily composed of radical Islamic extremists that have been brutally murdering thousands of innocent people to include Christians. However, as I have repeatedly predicted, if one side in the proxy war primarily between Iran and Saudi Arabia gains a decisive advantage, it would force the other to quadruple down (they have already doubled and tripled) on their policy. At this point, that means putting their troops in actually face to face battle. As I warned for years and literally predicted, Saudi Arabia has now announced it is preparing to deploy its troops to Syria. See:

The arrival of Gulf Arab armies in Syria will be in a single word, catastrophic. The US long ago lost effective control of the conflict it in large part created, but MUST stop this deployment or risk the outbreak of a full scale regional and possibly world war. The notion that an alliance of Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, UAE, and Kuwait, the same countries that have collectively spent billions arming and supporting ISIL, will now move to destroy ISIL defies all logic. In fact, it is so politically ridiculous that it is in fact a thinly veiled lie. Instead, Saudi Arabia and Turkey will lead an army into Syria with only one goal and that is to overthrow President Assad. Rather than fighting the radical terrorist elements such as ISIL, they will back them by recasting them as “moderate rebels.” Russia, Iraq, Iran, and Hezbollah will not be fooled by this and proportionally escalate. This sets the stage for a massive and devastating escalation.

728x90-typhoonIf Turkey and Saudi military forces join the fight in Syria, it may be only a matter of hours before a direct engagement with Russian forces occurs. At this juncture, all hell will break loose. Russia will make short work of all the Arab armies; however, Turkey is a far bigger problem. The Turkish military is not only competent enough to put up a fight, but is a NATO ally. Once the direct conflict between Russian and Turkey occurs, the US and NATO will face a crisis point. The only way this can be sensibly dealt with is to openly disavow any Turkish operations with the NATO charter. If not, one can only conclude that the US and NATO are seeking to initiate World War III. At this juncture, all options are very bad. If the Arab armies and Turkey continue the fight and get destroyed by Russia, the entire Middle East will explode with insurgencies and civil wars. Further, Israel will likely join the fight against Iran forcing the US into the fight directly if it isn’t already more heavily involved. If the Gulf Arab armies and Turkey achieve some success, the Middle East will still explode because Russia will not accept a military defeat by either Turkey or Saudi Arabia. In the midst of this, Syria and Iraq, and the oil producing centers of the Gulf Arab states will be blown to pieces and we will heavily suffer here in the US.

The only hope of avoiding the Syrian Civil War erupting into a full blown regional and then a world war is to prevent the Gulf Arab states and Turkey from entering the conflict directly. If they do, they must be limited to actually fighting ISIL, which although seems like a near impossibility, would be the only “theoretical” political solution to prevent a massive explosion of war in the Middle East. Mark my words though, if this is allowed to occur and they directly intervene on behalf of the “rebels,” you need to have plans B, C, and D ready because we are potentially only days from a major global crisis.

By Guiles Hendrik

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