Identifying Your Survival And Preparedness Skills

survival and preparedness skills

Perhaps you have taken the initiative and have started to organize your prepping, survival or self-reliance plans but have you stopped to think about what kinds of skills you possess that will help you and perhaps others in any given scenario?  What about the skills that you don’t have? Will you have the time to learn them or will you rely upon others to help you out?  We all possess at least some skills and now is the time for you to organize them all and understand how you can use them to your benefit in a prepping, survival or self-reliance scenario.

Working by yourself or as a team:

It’s always said that you can achieve more in numbers which is very true but actually doing it is another story.  There are times and situations where one person may feel that they absolutely need to get other people involved while others may feel that they cannot trust anyone and would rather do everything themselves.  Your feelings and thoughts can and probably will change depending on your current situation. I will outline a few examples below.


If you are just getting your preps together you may choose to do this by yourself or with your immediate family.  Depending on how and what you are prepping, this can most likely be done alone.  Remember that you should always keep your preps to yourself or with someone that you can really trust.  The last thing you need is to have people knocking or busting down your door in a desperate time because they know you have stockpiles of food.  You will need to identify your skill sets for this category as well.  Do you know how to can and preserve vegetables and meat?  Do you have the necessary skills to build a root cellar or shelving units to store your food?  Do you know how to organize and rotate your food supply properly?  If you are missing some of the required skills do you have the time to acquire them or will you depend on someone else’s expertise?  These are just a few examples of things that you will need to think about not only before but also while while you are prepping.


When stuck in a survival situation most people tend to think that keeping to themselves is the right thing to do.  Again, this is a touchy subject because there are countless types of survival scenarios that you can find yourself in.  Sometimes it will be better to keep things to yourself, other times you may not have a choice and will need to band together with other people in order to survive.  Again, your skills will become an important asset to yourself and to others if you decide to join then.  You will have to go over the pros and cons and decide for yourself or for your family what the best route is that you will take.  Here is an example.  If the best option for you at the time is for you and your family to drive to another location out of harms way but you find that your car won’t start and you don’t have the skills of a mechanic, do you find someone who is able to make the necessary repairs?  Do you trust them to repair your car, or will they turn their back on you, take your car and leave without you?  Do you have the skills to adapt to any type of urban or wilderness survival scenarios?

Self-reliance (homesteading):

Before embarking on a homesteading journey you should know that it is very hard work, especially physically and will require a lot of your time.  If you are planning on becoming self-sufficient in the near future and want to do everything by yourself or with your immediate family I wouldn’t suggest creating your homestead on much more than an acre or two of land.  You can accomplish more than you think on an acre or two of land but you will need to sit down and plan out your homestead very well.  Once again, your skills will play a big role in this endeavor.  Do you have experience growing gardens, raising livestock, building fences or buildings?  Do you know how to work the land, rotate your crops, etc.  If you have never done this before and plan to do it all by yourself you’ll have to learn by trial and error.  Perhaps your plan is to start a homestead with a few friends or close neighbors.  There you will be able to combine your skill sets and be even more productive.  Getting other people involved can help you to reap the benefits but it can also prove to be a burden or complete disaster.

So think about your plans, your goals, and the different scenarios that could arise.  Think about your skill sets, what you can do to add to them and what you will do if you require the help from someone who has them.  Nothing in life is certain but the more you can learn the better off you will be.  Perhaps a time will come when you will be able to offer your knowledge and assistance to someone else – in the end it’s all up to you.

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