Hazardous Materials Management for Your Household

Hazardous Materials Management


Hazardous materials are chemicals or substances which can be harmful to human health and the environment. Usually they are transported or used in complete safety. Occasionally, however, there are accidents. Many of these chemicals are found in small amounts in every home. People have come to trust these materials, and may not realize that they are potential killers (The Disaster Handbook 1998 – National Edition-Institute of Food and Agricultural Sciences University of Florida).

“Many of these chemicals are found in small amounts in every home.”

Household Substances that Pose Risks

All of these substances could be dangerous, although some (such as baking soda) would have to be mixed with others (ammonia, for example) to cause a health risk.

  1. Household ammonia danger-hazardous-materials
  2. Chlorine (swimming pool)
  3. Baking soda
  4. Lighter fluid
  5. Weed killer
  6. Gasoline
  7. Motor Oil
  8. Paint
  9. Fertilizer
  10. Drain opener
  11. Bug spray
  12. Nail polish remover
  13. Cleaning rags
  14. LP gas (stove and grill)
  15. Muriatic acid (swimming pool)

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The following materials have immediate risks:

  1. Ammonia—in closed spaces, fumes can be a problem; very reactive with some other substances
  2. Pool chlorine—fumes, corrosive
  3. Lighter fluid—highly flammable
  4. Weed killer—toxic by ingestion or absorption through skin
  5. Gasoline—flammable, explosive; ignitable fumes travel
  6. Motor oil—combustible
  7. Cleaning rags—may contain combustible or flammable liquids
  8. LP gas—highly flammable to explosive
  9. Drain openers—highly toxic, caustic, corrosive
  10. Bug spray—toxic by inhalation or absorption
  11. Nail polish remover—flammable
  12. Paint—flammable
  13. Fertilizer—toxic, possibly flammable
  14. Muriatic acid—corrosive, inhalation hazard

“Should a potentially threatening release occur, safety agencies will inform the public through the media.”

Read all directions carefully and follow them. Store substances safely, away from children. Pay attention to first aid directions. Don’t mix chemicals. Keep the number of your local poison control center handy.

Hazardous Material Spills/Releases

Significant releases of hazardous materials are rare, but can happen. Storage and manufacturing facilities, utility plants, commercial businesses and farms may all use materials that are very dangerous if released.

Should a potentially threatening release occur, safety agencies will inform the public through the media. Follow instructions carefully.

There may be little time to react. Some materials are so deadly that a single exposure to a few drops or a single breath of fumes is fatal. Don’t take chances. If instructed to evacuate, do so quickly and follow instructions of public safety officials. If directed to stay inside, close all windows and doors and turn off air conditioners; if necessary, seal around doors and windows with towels or blankets. Do not go outside or open doors or windows until told it is safe to do so.

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thelostways2-playerRadioactive Materials

It is possible that a transportation accident could be a radioactive health risk, but the chances are very small. Some low-level radioactive waste products used in medical facilities are routinely carried over highways all over the world. Hazardous materials are heavily overpacked, and quantities are carefully limited. All are to be clearly marked RADIOACTIVE with black markings on a yellow or white background. Move away from any such package released in an accident, and be sure emergency responders know of its presence. Do not attempt to move it. Leave recovery of the package to the experts.

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