“My Family Survived One Night, But Would They Last Another?…”

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The Night that Changed My Life

It seemed like any other December night in New England. At least so I thought…

But what happened that night would forever change how I felt about “prepping” and how ultimately…no matter what your circumstances…YOU can become confidently prepared for the tough times ahead.

I remember that night so clearly. In fact, I remember the exact date and time.

It was just after 11pm on December 11th, 2008. My wife and I had tucked our 1-year old in her crib after her last feeding and we eagerly curled up into our own bed after a long, exhausting day.

Shortly after falling asleep, we both bolted upright to the explosions coming from the pitch dark outside (My Family Survival Course).

“What was that!?”

“CRACK!” “BOOM!” Again it reverberated through the crisp, night air. At first I thought it was gunfire. But as my head cleared, the realization set in that it was the sound of huge tree limbs, straining under the weight of hundreds of pounds of ice frozen solid around them, finally splitting and breaking off — crashing to the ground with an earth-jarring tremor.

Not good. Our home was encircled by large trees. Let me just say, that whole night I prayed like never before.

When the long night ended and the light returned, what was left cannot be fully appreciated unless you experience it.

It’s Like a Bomb Went Off

Massive tree limbs had fallen down. Some onto cars (like mine) and homes. Others tearing down power lines, and many blocking the streets. Smaller branches and other debris littered the entire landscape.

The limbs, branches and lines that did not fall were weighed down from the ice with such force that it looked like they were bowing in reverent awe before the One who had the power to create such awesome destruction.

It was devastating, yet beautiful.

Realization soon set in that we were without power. In fact the entire region was without power. Stores were closed, gas stations shut down, streets were blocked off, and in this cold I had no way of keeping my family warm; With hardly any food and supplies to last more than a couple of days, if help didn’t arrive soon, things were going to get real bad, real quick.

SMDCover3I Felt Like Such a Failure

It was so cold I could see my baby’s breath…in the middle of my living room. This along with watching my wife feed her cold baby food (which we had no way of heating up) further dug the nail deeper into my guilty conscience.

Luckily for them, by the end of that first day most of the main roads were cleared. I watched my wife and daughter pack up and leave to go to my in-law’s house in the southern part of the state where they still had power.

That was one of the lowest moment’s in my life. I felt like such a failure.

Here I was, the father of this young family, the one who is supposed to be their protector and provider and they were forced to leave me to find safety and shelter with my in-laws. I told my wife that I wanted to stay back to clean up, but part of the reason was so I didn’t have to face my in-laws and feel more humiliation.

Yes, the stores did open in a few days. Power did return after a little over a week and for most of these hardy New Englanders, life returned to normal.

But not for me.


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I Would Never Be Caught Unprepared Again

That day haunted me.

What if things were worse? What if my young family didn’t have a place to go to and the power never came on or the stores didn’t open for a while?

Well, I certainly couldn’t feed my baby all that ammo I bought and those cases of 3000-calorie emergency bars weren’t worth a cup of spit in keeping my family warm when the power went out.

At that moment I made a vow that I would never be caught unprepared again. Despite having only $25 in extra income per month, and not knowing where to begin, I was determined to finally figure it out.

And I did…

It took a while, but even with the limited funds and time I had, I was able to shore up enough supplies to where we could comfortably survive for a year without the need of the government or the grid (prepperacademy.com).

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