The Second American Revolution – A Definitive Guide


This guide to the Second American Revolution is the culmination of months of research, and personal debate weighing the pros and cons for writing a piece of literature that not only condones a Second Revolution, but lays out one of the most straightforward methods for achieving such a goal. At great personal risk I’ve decided that there is no greater sin than a man too concerned for his own personal welfare than his family and country’s future…

‘The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants.’  ̶  Thomas Jefferson

Should there be a Second American Revolution?

Short answer, yes there should be a Second American Revolution and it needs to happen soon.  With each year that passes our God given rights are being whittled away by Republicans and Democrats, two sides of the same coin.  A fact that is even more prominent now more than ever before.  But it’s far too easy to bloviate and make claims without factually backing up a stance.  So let’s look at it from an academic point of view.  The first American Revolution was sparked by American colonists being taxed to pay for England’s wars while having no representation in Parliament ergo the term ‘No taxation without representation’. Now ask yourself do you feel represented and do you feel overtaxed?

Circa 1771 a couple thousand North Carolinians dubbed ‘The Regulators’ had gotten tired of the Royal Governor William Tyron seizing their property and overtaxing the Tar Heels while allowing his officials to openly practice corruption.  The Regulators led the first militarized uprising against Tyron but were beat down by his militia in the Battle of Alamance.  Now compare this to our present day circumstances where the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) and the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) are not only seizing huge chunks of land but in most cases they are ruining the land they seize while charging farmers and miners exuberant fees to graze or use the land.


Hell – in 1770 American colonists flat out rejected any tax on oil, paper, paint, lead, and glass.  After several protests, and boycotts Parliament was forced to repeal those taxes on commodities, except tea!  We were so hellbent on not paying taxes that even after we got the Townshend Revenue Act repealed we still destroyed 92,000 pounds of tea!  Now quantify the fact that the ‘average’ American pays over 10% in taxes, with many homeowners paying upwards to 27% in taxes, and you can see why we should currently be just as mad. And that’s not even including the taxes you pay at the grocery store or when you buy home goods!  Our lands that should be open for purchase are being seized and we are taxed to where it affects the quality of our life.


Most amendments are almost non-existent…

Look at The Constitution.  Most people don’t realize this but the founders didn’t give us our rights.The founders recognized our rights as God given.  We were born free and to ensure our freedoms they penned The US Constitution to keep the government from encroaching upon our God given rights.  Now the government has perverted our constitution so extremely that it’s no longer recognizable.  Pieces like the one you’re reading aren’t free speech, it’s domestic terrorism propaganda.  You don’t need your guns. The government tells you what guns you can own and in some states they have even introduced gun confiscation bills! The government constantly abuses the fourth amendment, illegally monitoring U.S. citizens without a warrant, illegally searching our property disguised as ‘probable cause’ when all you did was sneeze, while illegally seizing cash assets with absolutely no legal authority. I rub elbows with people from all walks of life and have known men who sat in jail on a non violent or non drug related crime for months on end, only to be forced to take a plea deal for a crime they didn’t commit, but after three months in the clink who wouldn’t take a deal? If you still don’t believe that the first six amendments are almost gone I urge you to start researching and you’ll quickly learn there are tens of thousands of documented examples readily available.  Click here to see Obama’s top ten constitutional violations…

Here’s the thing – when Nikita Kruschchev said ‘We can’t expect the American people to jump from capitalism to communism, but we can assist their elected leaders in giving them small doses of socialism, until they awaken one day to find that they have communism.’ he hit the nail on the head.  We are getting lulled into this trap of ‘we must wait until they fire the first shot’ while not realizing the government won’t just flat out declare martial law.  Instead they will slowly take away our freedoms inch by inch until one day we wake up in chains.  First you’ll have states banning certain types of magazines.  Second they’ll ban certain types of rifles.  Then you’ll hear of one state passing a bill to allow the police to come in and seize your firearms on gestapo like accusations and before you know it states will start passing bills to allow for confiscation of our firearms with no reasoning at all.  They are slowly disarming us.  Most militia members are veterans and who are they targeting in California?  Veterans under bogus PTSD accusations.  So when I get asked should there be another revolution, I don’t even hesitate to give a resounding yes.

The challenges of civil war in modern day America…

Without sounding too much like a blowhard I must stress the seriousness of civil war in today’s America.  A far cry from the days of old where your neighbors were patriots, your kids were strong, we were self reliant, and all of us were willing to sacrifice for the good of future generations.  Sadly, that is not the situation we currently face.  Half the country has been taken over by socialist twits who are nothing more than bourgeois commies, and would be the first to turn on us.  The generations after X have become the most emotionally weak, destitute, and morally bankrupt wastes of carbon since before man walked upright.  Point being we have a much tougher war ahead of us than the original 3%’ers…

The technological disadvantage…. Many writers and myself have touched on the need to recognize the government’s technological advantages over preppers and survival groups i.e. militias.  Department of Defense CYBERCOM and the NSA (National Security Agency) Domestic Terrorism units have every ounce of information they need to quell a rebellion before it starts.  They know where we are via geo locating every time we post to social networks.  They know about most of the guns each one of us have, whether you realize it or not every time you have a NICS background check that information is recorded.  They know if you’re an extremist i.e. constitutionalist / prepper / veteran / homesteader by monitoring your social network accounts.

Social behavior…. Once we make the second shot heard around the world prison rules will apply.  Urban areas will be overrun with waves of crime and for all intents and purposes a civil war on the home front will be treated much like any other disaster by many people as an opportunity to take advantage of other people, and businesses.  There will be people who are simply scared and will want to stay out of it, while many others will conspire with opposing forces against militia elements.  Either way with a national wave of criminals taking advantage of a domestic war major cities will be forced to have their National Guards’ institute martial law to prevent further violence.

Foreign intervention…  Due to our unwritten, albeit illegal, open border policy we will undoubtedly have to deal with foreign entities taking advantage of a civil war in America.  With over a million unvetted Syrian ‘refugees’ being imported into our country, and over a hundred known ISIS (Islamic State of Iraq and Syria) sympathizer cells spread throughout the U.S., it’s not hard to figure out radical Islamists will attempt to take advantage of the situation to establish a caliphate.  Let’s be real here, radical Islamists aren’t the only foreign entities we have to worry about.  North Korea, Iran, Russia, and Cuba would all love to see our downfall.  Not only for what we are suppose to represent, but for the sheer amount of raw resources our land has that pales other countries hand over fist.  We’re the breadbasket of the world making our country the most coveted by those running out of resources.

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Economic impact…The American economy will undoubtedly come to a crawl once everything gets kicked off.  What the exact impact will be over the next decade or so is hard to determine.  I wish there was a way I could truly gauge an exact sum of the economic impact but I can’t.  The only thing I know for sure is that higher order businesses such as marketing, housing, and the stock market will take a nosedive into the red, undoubtedly crashing.  People will panic and those with the deepest pockets will pressure the government into resolving the situation with all the damning force the government can muster.  Think back to the Indian wars and the brutality that ensued.

Force multipliers… I know what everyone’s response will be when I say that the military’s capability to turn on it’s citizenry is becoming a reality with each day passing, and their advanced weapons are a force to be reckoned with.  You’ll say guerrilla tactics in Vietnam were a force to be reckoned with in the face of a more militarily advanced opponent.  Well this scenario is in no way similar because our country has massive satellite surveillance programs, autonomous drones, strategic data mining, CCTV systems in most metropolitan areas and an unmatched counter-insurgency program.

What can be learned from previous encounters between the government and survival groups?

branch davidian compound

A few earlier incidents include Waco, Texas and Ruby Ridge massacres where the BATF (Bureau of Alcohol Tobacco and Firearms) wantonly murdered innocent children in both cases.  Even though David Koresh (Religious leader for the Branch Davidian compound in Waco, TX) was a certifiable lunatic, practiced polygamy, and was accused of a few other unspeakable things, the Davidians were still within their Constitutional rights when the BATF decided to target their compound that ended in setting fire to the compound causing the deaths of seventy men, women, and children.  In Ruby Ridge premillennial preppers were setup by a neighbor over a civil dispute that brought the attention of the FBI (Federal Bureau of Investigation), while the accusations of the neighbor were quickly dismissed the FBI still targeted the family for their homesteading beliefs.  After the FBI issued bogus charges against the father Randy Weaver, they used bureaucratic red tape to tangle Weaver into a bench warrant being issued getting the USMS (United States Marshall Service) involved.  A few weeks later the FBI, and the USMS rained down hell on the weaver homestead with HRT Sniper Teams, SWAT, and a full armored personnel carrier for a small Idahoan family. As expected the conflict ended with the men being wounded and the mother Vicki being killed while she had her child in her arms.  All for practicing their constitutional rights.

american revolution

Yes these two tragedies were unspeakable, but those incidents were catalysts for the modern militia movement in America.  Soon after Americans started waking up to a simple fact, the government doesn’t represent us it represents itself.  Armed with this knowledge everyday hardworking Americans started to prepare for the inevitable by forming militias, survival groups, and homesteads.  If it wasn’t for those two catalysts the Bundy Ranch confrontation would have ended in a severe loss of life!  A couple years back the Bundy family was harassed and facing steep fines by the BLM for their cattle grazing on public land, while attempting to seize the Bundy family’s cattle.  Luckily, after a nationwide SOS was sent out to surrounding militia elements We The People were prepared this and instead of the the BLM and ATF storming a small Nevada family ranch, they were met with an armed force of Americans willing to die defending the Bundy’s constitutional rights. And would you believe it?  The Bundy’s won and the BLM backed off.


Here recently another incident happened in Burns, Oregon where two ranchers, Dwight and Steve Hammond, were charged with arson and convicted.  Problem is it what their property and the ‘arson’ was actually a technique used by farmers for generations to make the soil more fertile.  Sound absurd?  It gets better, they were charged twice for the same crime, which is strictly prohibited within the U.S. Constitution!  After the Hammond brothers served their sentences they were resentenced to serve the full five year sentence violating their constitutional rights.  Soon after the Hammonds’ return to prison, Cliven Bundy’s sons took to Burns, OR seizing the Malheur Wildlife Refuge to force the federal government’s hand into releasing surrounding lands from the BLM to the local government, while demanding the release of the Hammonds. Here’s the problem,I agree with their overall goals, but this action did expose some weaknesses. From a military aspect, it’s unfathomable the Bundy’s went to Oregon with the intent of seizing and occupying a federal facility for years without accounting for food, water, and hygiene products.  From the outside looking in this did not look like an organized militia op, it seemed it was either a spur of the moment decision, or a poorly planned op.  In the view of the public eye every major news network recycled posts made by their representatives asking for food, socks, and etc..  Never mind the drama between attention starved video posters accusing this guy of not being a veteran, or the disinformation being peddled by your favorite conspiracy crackpots, the operation was not handled with military discipline at all.  Am I the only one that recognized PETA’s publicity stunt feeding our militia members as an embarrassment?  Let alone this being publicized by those from within the refuge….

1tweetI fully support the Hammonds and the Bundys just as I did in Nevada, and I hope this confrontation ends as well as the first, but a sideshow helps no one.  Another fact gleaned from this confrontation is there are no shortage of traitors and those foaming at the mouth for blood to be spilled in Oregon…

2tweet[Update 1/27/2016] Sadly the leaders of the refuge left the compound and were arrested after federal agents shot and killed LaVoy Finicum.  Rest in peace brother…


Now that we’ve gotten all of this out of the way, let’s discuss how we can effectively start a revolution, and win for the good of the country…

Mission Goals

With any military or militia action you must have a clear objective in which you are striving for.  The militia must have a damn good reason for starting a second war.  While these objectives I see as the most critical, leadership elements within an organized militia may think differently.  There are six primary end goals for this revolution, and these are all things I believe almost every American can agree on;

  1. All positions within public office are to be limited to no more than two terms of four years.
  2. The Federal Reserve is to be completely dissolved replaced by a multiple-banknote issuer model, or more efficient model.
  3. All lands held by the federal government that aren’t held for military use must be returned back to the states for public use or private sale.
  4. Laws that violate the plain text of the Second Amendment preventing law abiding citizens from owning firearms are to be rescinded.
  5. The Internal Revenue Service is to be completely dissolved.
  6. Constitutional Convention to be held for the States’ rights to redress grievances.

The first step…

The first steps to beginning an effective revolution is to secure funding and identifying allies with critical wartime resources.  Cash moves everything around me, and our mission is no different.  No matter where on Earth there has been a major military conflict, it cost billions of dollars.  Training, firearms, munitions, artillery,  food, water, fuel, vehicles and medical supplies all cost a lot of money.  To establish funding a true chain of command must exist.  We at are often looked at for leadership, but as we’ve stated several times we simply put you in touch with people in your state who are ‘like minded’.  We can’t issue edicts, dictate orders, or assume a national command role.  If we were to do that we’d cross a legal line and would exist no more.  In each state your command structure must assume this role and begin securing financing and resources.  This is one of the primary reasons those tasked with the responsibility of financing must be beyond reproach and free of any moral turpitude.


  • To generate financing requires a skill lost to most militia members, networking
  • You have to be able to identify financiers who are sympathetic to our cause via social networking, gatherings, and events
  • Financiers have to be thoroughly vetted before even remotely discussing financing
  • Certain financiers will have terms of repayment which can be repaid and under no circumstances should those terms circumvent your state’s laws


Identify members within your militia or network willing to provide critical wartime resources for the lead up to, and duration of the operation.  At no time for time will and resource be used without the owner’s’ voluntary consent.  Critical wartime resources include;

  • Water treatment specialists with heavy duty mobile filtration systems(desalination, reverse osmosis, etc)
  • Corn, tomato, wheat, vegetable farmers
  • Butchers, hunters, and meat farmers (beef, pork, poultry)
  • Gunsmiths to produce munitions and firearm modifications
  • EOD technicians to counter enemy explosives
  • Retired drill instructors and sergeants to train individuals lacking BCT/ACT (basic/advanced combat training)
  • Welders and automotive engineers to retrofit civil vehicles for wartime operations

Active military and law enforcement assets…

Don’t hold your breath guys.  Many of us have taken naïveté to the extreme in regards to LEOs (law enforcement officials) and active U.S. Soldiers being on our side when lead starts to fly.  Now that doesn’t mean they’ll all be against us by any means.  There are plenty of CMF members who are currently in the military, but they’re surely the minority.  Before a confrontation we have to know who’s on our side and they have to know what we stand for, what our plans are, and what their involvement means.  There are three primary reasons we need military and LEO assets…

  1. First and foremost we need active members on the front lines taking charge making their numbers smaller and ours larger
  2. Intelligence gathering to know troop movement, operations, ROE changes, etc
  3. To recruit for the militia from within to establish a presence in each agency of law enforcement and all branches of the military

Know The Enemy


Do not at any time think that the U.S. Military or LEOs is your enemy.  They’re in a really tough position, soldiers and LEOs alike have a lot to lose by committing any acts of sedition and trust me if we lose, anyone left alive will be charged with treason and be made out to be traitors.  They’ll lose their benefits, retirement, and end up in prison for a long time.  Remember who the enemy really is.  The enemy is the federal government that’s been operating outside the law and the constitution for decades.  Now clearly when we say the federal government is our event that’s a pretty broad spectrum of people we will have to fight to achieve our objectives.  Here’s the reality, we will have to fight Americans, and if you can’t come to terms with that you have no role in this.

I know this sounds bleak, but I need you to know what you’re getting into.  Will every soldier, and cop be against us?  Not at all, but most will.  That being said this operation must be carried out with unmatched precision and efficiency to prevent any more loss of life than absolutely necessary.  Regardless we can’t be in the dark, we must have reliable intelligence on who’s coming to the fight and who’s not.

Interstate Command

State commanders will need to immediately coordinate interstate training operations, secure communications, asset deployments, resource supply lines, while establishing a chain of command that will effectively operate without impediment.  There are two major failings of almost every militia in the past, the lone wolf pack complex, and a lack of military discipline.  Both will get you and your people killed.  It’s absolutely imperative command establishes secure comms with neighboring units, and there is a strict adherence to military SOP (standard operating procedure).

Domestic Wartime Training

No shock here, right?  At we’ve always put training above all else and this is no different.  After establishing the above listed prerequisites training must be held frequently and to the highest standards.  I will list a series of mission objectives in this article, and for the mission to be successful you must train to achieve those objectives with a focus on preserving life when possible.


The following objectives are in my opinion the only way we can accomplish the overall mission with a minimal loss of life.  However, let me make one thing perfectly clear no plan ever ever goes according to plan.  Shit happens, but in the unlikely event all these objectives are done according to plan there is no way to know what the reaction will be.  If it goes south, prepare for a long war.  Let’s try to avoid that be achieving these objectives;

  1. Establish reliable intelligence sources within all federal agencies
  2. Embed strategic operatives within all state guard units
  3. Identify vantage points overlooking law enforcement agency buildings and U.S. bases
    1. embed reconnaissance teams
    2. secure comms to relay Intel on LE/military movement
    3. provide force specifications
  4. Deploy reconnaissance teams to each state’s primary natural resources for intelligence gathering.
    1. coal
    2. oil reserves
    3. nuclear power plants
    4. power plants
    5. refineries
  5. Gather intelligence on federal buildings through privately contracted companies, drone surveillance, public documentation
    1. occupants
    2. behaviors
    3. security
    4. breach points
  6. Identify trade routes that allow for the flow of goods and resources to flow to and from metropolitan centers
  7. Meticulously plan out each objective to be secured when it is at its lowest occupancy and security level. Select each objective based on its symbolic or practical importance. Each objective must account for;
    1. personnel needed to capture the objective
    2. munitions required
    3. food, water, and fuel to maintain occupation for extended duration
    4. objective fortification
  8. Prepare marketing materials, pamphlets, brochures, and video marketing campaigns with one representative with one message who must have a spotless record, and preferably a higher ranking military veteran.
  9. Certain states will be exempt due to their likelihood of alliance requiring command elements to identify the states in which objectives will be captured based one simple qualifier; does this state blatantly violate the U.S. Constitution? States like Illinois, California, Connecticut, and the District of Columbia are prime examples.
  10. Position garrisons within driving distance of objectives along with strategically placed reserve forces, resources, and technicals
  11. An interstate operation to capture the objectives would need to be coordinated synchronously, preventing a window for other objectives to fortify and adjust security protocol.
  12. Deploy propaganda to all social networking outlets and areas surrounding objectives.
  13. Hold objectives until missions goals have been instituted including a constitutional convention.
  14. In the event none of these goals are complied with, and force is used to regain the objectives, reserve forces are to be sent in to secure objective capture teams from non essential buildings, while reinforcing essential buildings.
  15. Prepare for a very long war


Here’s the deal, none of the things we are asking for are ridiculous, just a return to the constitution as it’s worded.  The concept of the constitution being a ‘living document’ is an absurd term used by the corrupt to justify their usurpation.  However, I bet you dollars to donuts those in power will not be willing to give up their power without spilling oceans of blood.  Let’s be real, the things we want can’t be achieved through legal litigation and damn sure won’t be achieved through the ballot box leaving only one route for us to take. Take a look at the last two decades where both choices for president were men who wanted big government, just their idea of big government, while basically agreeing on everything else.

This is where we are at. Fight, or allow for the gradual but assured degradation of our God given rights.  While this guide outlines one method for effecting change with a minimal loss of life, it does by no means assure lives won’t be lost, or that this confrontation won’t end in an all out war.  Even though I think it’s time we do something I don’t think we are ready by any means.  If we don’t have a well organized, trained and standing militia of over a hundred thousand winning is not a possibility.  Before you say ‘but wait we only needed three percent!’, understand 3% means nine million, which is almost an insurmountable number to achieve.  If it’s all out war they want, we will have to secure our assets, and prepare contingency plans, but at no time should you not be aware if we lose, every right we have will be stripped away.  Failure is not an option.


This article is meant to be for entertainment purposes only, and is purely hypothetical.  In no way should our readers take this article as a directive, or call to action.  To commit to any of the objectives listed in this article is an act of sedition, and you will be charged with treason.

thelostways revolutionBy Ryan

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