15 Minute Prepper: Black contractor bags

15 minute Prepper.  Yup, it’s a thing.  At least around here it is.  We believe in simply preparing.  You won’t find info on how to dig your own bunker here.  Or how to survive a zombie attack with just your toothbrush.  What you will find are solid, simple, tested by us, ways to get your family through an emergency.  Our 15 Minute Prepper series will focus on things even the busiest of people can implement within their personal preparedness goals.

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contractor bags

How To Prep With Contractor Grade Trash Bags:  15 Minute Prepper

Today we are talking about why you’ll need black contractor bags an emergency as a 15 minute Prepper.  Not just regular trash bags, but contractor grade trash bags.  These bags are 3mils thick and are made to withstand uses normal trash bags would balk at.

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Contractor bags take up very little space and have unlimited possibilities.

  1. Make a poncho.
  2. Use as ground cover.
  3. Seal windows, doors and vents. (You’ll need some duct tape too!)
  4. Cut down to size for a make shift diaper cover.
  5. Layer between clothing to help keep in body warmth.
  6. Barter item.
  7. Dig a hole.  Put a bag in the hole, now you have a make shift sink.
  8. Using duct tape, tape the bags around your pants for snow pants.
  9. Water proof your shoes.  Cutting the bags down to size, cover your shoes with the plastic, using duct tape to secure them around your ankles.
  10. Use as an emergency potty.  Line a 5 gallon bucket with a bag, stick a toilet seat on top and viola! a place to do your business!
  11. Create a wind break, or a bit of privacy.
  12. Using a black contractor bag you can determine wind direction.
  13. Fill with air and tie off to create a simple flotation device.
  14. Use  black contractor bags in an emergency to cover broken or blown out windows from earthquakes, etc.
  15. Fill a black contractor bag up with water, sit it in the sun for a while and then hang it from a sturdy branch to use for a shower.
  16. Use a black contractor bag in an emergency to collect rain water.
  17. Cache your food scraps out of an animals reaching by putting them in a contractor bag and hanging it from a tree.
  18. A black contractor bag can be used as a rucksack  to haul clothes, food or whatever else you need.
  19. After bandaging a wound, cut out an appropriate size piece of a contractor bag and tape it over the bandage. This will keep it from getting dirty or wet.
  20. Use as a ‘wet bag’ for dirty diapers.

By ParkerMama

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